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    Small Swiss special lodging is located in mid-way up to Alishan forest recreation area (so called Alishan park) which is near Shihjhuo town (63 km of no.18 Alishan highway). 

   Shihjhuo town is located in the center of  greater Alishan scenic area, it takes about 1 hour or so to every scenic spot in greater Alishan acenic area !        





























                                      Tea plantation                                                                                      Tea plantation










































                   Forest train                             Bamboo shoots harvesting               Having fun making fig jelly     


               Fig jelly and lemon drink                      Persimmon   




      Bamboo shoots digging                     hiking up the mountain                 old branch of Alishan railway  


     Hiking up to Titanic stone                  Shihjhuo tea plantation   




                night scenery                             mountain scenery after rain                   Cherry blossoms   


        Tea making factory                            Hiking in Yushan park   




               Engineer from AU                           Harvesting persimmon                        Morning scene 


        Alishan fig jelly fruit                           Hiking up to Mt.Dadong 





              Clouds  fall seen                                          Sunset                              Fengihu(Fenchihu) garage


             Clouds & mountain                               Tashan (Mt.Ta)   





                  Hydrangea                                                     Sunrise       





                Peach blossoms                            High mountain creek  


                  Cedar tree                         Rainbow & mountains after rain   





                               Tea plantation & outlook                                                     Tea plantation & outlook




                              Tea picking at tea plantation                                                   Tea picking at tea plantation  




                    Blue sky & cluods seen at Small Swiss                                          Stars seen at night at Small Swiss                   





                                Older sister's pond                                                                   Blue sky & wite clouds




                  The guard dog 小虎 (Xiao Fu)                                                                  Blue sky & cluods